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Steve Padilla: Community Advocate

By October 23, 2020No Comments

Owning Thr3e Punk Ales has given me the opportunity to meet A LOT of people… Especially in the community in which we operate; Chula Vista.  It’s probably one of the best aspects of being a business owner, meeting new people. 

That’s how I met, Steve Padilla. Mr. Padilla, native Southbay Resident; has been an educator, Detective in the CVPD, Chula Vista Mayor, City Councilman and a Community Advocate.  Sheesh… that’s a busy guy! 

Steve stopped by to talk about his past, what led to the career paths he’s taken… and battling COVID 19.  He’s currently running for City Council, so of course we chat about that as well.  Sit back and enjoy his story!!! Cheers.

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