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Joel Jimenez: Stand Up Comic

By July 19, 2021No Comments

The homie, Joel… AKA: “Joelberg” is best known for his killer drum skills while on the Kill Tony Show. He’s since made a name for himself in the Stand Up comedy scene and is killing it. 

It was absolute mayhem in the Emo Brown Studios as the whiskey was definitely  flowing. We were joined by the homies Antonio Sanchez “Wort Wrangler” and El Cubano, Eddy Torres of the RBBG Podcast. 


Whiskey is to Joelberg as Water is to Gremlins.  

4 People in the Studio turns into chaos. It was an awesome time, pero still chaotic.

Joelberg went to pee and he never came back. Episode. Over.  

I am officially a Joelberg Fan. 



Thank you for being a part of this thing of ours…


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