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Beto Perez: Radio Personality

By July 12, 2021No Comments

Hailing from the Mexican Border Town, Tijuana and raised in beautiful South San Diego…El Compita Beto is not only a heavy hitter in the local music scene but nation wide as well.

His love of music has helped him curate a career in Radio and DJing for just about 2 decades. Known for his morning show host gig at Jam’N 95.7, his midday host gig at Rock 105.3 and of course as the Official DJ for artist Frankie J… We discover the many layers of El Famoso Cali Burrito. At his core, Beto, is all about the Community and giving back locally through his vast charity work.

It was awesome to meet and listen to the great Story Teller, Beto Perez.



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