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Emo Brown

The Saddest Mexican

Mexican Culture through Southern Californian eyes… On a mission to debunk Stereotypes, but, we often prove them to be true.


Latest Episodes


Metiche Monday with Elias Gallegos Alliance Eastlake Jiu-Jitsu 11/21/22

Join us as we kick off Thanksgiving week 2022 & We Go Over Moments of…

Metiche Monday with special guest Andrea Lopez-Villafaña from The Voice of San Diego 11/14/22

Your Weekly Chisme Sesh w/ Shamps x Chef x Jezbera   We Go Over Moments…

Metiche Martes with Special Guest, Muralist Mr. BBaby. 11/08/22

Your Weekly Chisme Sesh w/ Shamps x Cesar x BJ We Go Over Moments of…

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