Emo Brown

The Saddest Mexican

Mexican Culture through Southern Californian eyes… On a mission to debunk Stereotypes, but, we often prove them to be true.


Latest Episodes


Marcos Curiel: P.O.D.

We're joined by South San Diego's very own... Marcos Curiel. Enjoy!     https://linktr.ee/TheEmoBrown   Subscribe…

Metiche Monday: Cheek To Cheek

Metiche Monday…. You already know 🙌🏼    Steve O ✅  Cesar ✅  Ricardo Islas ✅ …

Lieutenant David Oyos: CVPD

Whats good in our hood... Its time for our annual check up with the Lt.…

Metiche Monday… with Glasses

Metiche Monday…. You already know 🙌🏼    Steve O ✅  Cesar ✅  Glasses ✅   …

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