Emo Brown

The Saddest Mexican

Mexican Culture through Southern Californian eyes… On a mission to debunk Stereotypes, but, we often prove them to be true.


Latest Episodes


Fede Saviñon: Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life

When it comes to Beer merchandise... Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life is the standard. So lets…

Vega: South of the 8 Podcast

A podcast about a podcast... Super Meta bro!!! Got to meet a new homie, El…

La Karen Barnett: Small Bar

Karen's back!!! And as always our ADD kicked in and we talked about everything... Bread…

Esthela Davila: Madrina de Cerveza

Mi amiga, Esthela, is a busy gal... She's a mother of 2, Mujeres Brew Club…

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